Once hip arthritis is present, prosthetic replacement of the hip joint becomes the preferred treatment option.  Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) is a surgery that replaces an arthritic hip with an artificial hip joint.

This patient has lost all of the cartilage in his left hip. This is osteoarthritis of the hip.

This X-Ray demonstrates replacement of the left hip with prosthetic components (THA).

Dr. Tania Ferguson is internationally recognized for her pioneering work with the anterior approach THA (aTHA), a surgery she has practiced, and mastered, for well over a decade. The aTHA is a technique of hip replacement surgery that has definite, measured advantages to the patient compared to other methods of THA (“Why Anterior Approach  aTHA”).

The operation is performed through a single, muscle sparing incision in the front of the hip that allows Dr. Ferguson to replace the hip joint without detaching muscles from the hip and pelvis.  Therefore, rehabilitation is accelerated and simplified, as patients have no restrictions on their motion or activity starting immediately after surgery.

In fact, most patients begin walking within hours of surgery and are discharged the day of surgery!  The “FAST TRACK“ same-day-discharge program substantially decreases the risk of hospital acquired infections as well as the costs of THA!

The prosthetic component positioning is performed precisely with fluoroscopic navigation techniques, allowing an anatomic restoration of each patient’s leg lengths and mechanical axes.  The anatomic reconstruction and muscle sparing techniques allow patients to return to their daily lives and activities, their work, and even high level athletics early in the postoperative course.

The atraumatic, anatomically friendly approach also substantially decreases the risk of opioid medication requirements, and many of Dr. Ferguson’s patients do not utilize ANY narcotic based IV pain medication after surgery (OpioidsMultimodal Pain Management).

Most importantly, Dr. Ferguson’s detailed approach to each individual as a person, their unique anatomical hip variances, and her precise surgical techniques set the “Gold Standard” in hip replacement surgical outcomes.  Dr. Ferguson’s muscle sparring, atraumatic surgical technique coupled with the NHI structured “Prehab and Rehab” program has elevated patient functional and performance outcomes to an entirely new level.

Dr. Ferguson and Anterior Approach THA

Dr. Ferguson was among the first American surgeons to adopt the anterior approach THA as an exclusive technique for primary hip replacement surgery in 2004.  She was one of the earliest surgeons to practice this technique at a university center (training residents and fellows) and has been intimately involved in the development of surgeon educational programs worldwide to spread the techniques of the anterior approach THA across the globe.

AO cadaver surgery in Toronto

Lecturing on importance of anatomical restoration after THA

The Anterior Hip Foundation “Chicago 7” at AHF 2.0 2018

Demonstrating pelvis radiographic interpretation

Broadcasting pelvis fracture surgery-rockin’ the t-shirt!

Her research and innovative techniques utilizing the anterior approach THA for acute fractures of the hip and pelvis has extended this beneficial technique to patients requiring hip replacements for injuries and accidents.  Her efforts have been integral to the increasing popularity of the anterior approach as the safe, high-quality, and preferred technique for THA in the United States.

Dr. Ferguson has devoted a career of research, education, and practice to optimize your entire experience with hip replacement surgery; no detail has been left unconsidered.  Her experience, combined with the comprehensive team approach at the Nashville Hip Institute, allows patients to return to limitless activities – even competitive athletics.

Our program has changed the lives of patients from all avenues of life, and from all of over the country.   From the school teacher trying to get back to the classroom, to the Grandparent wanting to play with her grandkids, to the performance athlete wanting to return to high level competition!

Our goal is to help you get your life back, whatever that means to you. 

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