Eighty-five percent of our patients qualify for the FAST TRACK program, in which we safely get you out of the hospital and AWAY from hospital acquired infections the day of the surgery!

The NHI “FAST TRACK” is an “outpatient total joint replacement” program developed to allow patients to be discharged on the same day as their surgery.  Patients and their “Care Partner” are trained BEFORE surgery so that, on the day of the operation they can leave the hospital environment 4-6 hours after the THA.

Benefits of FAST TRACK THA

  • There is a lower risk of hospital-acquired infections with shorter stays
  • Studies consistently demonstrate lower blood transfusions and infections with outpatient THA
  • A lower cost option for patients and providers
  • Lower complication rate associated with opiod medications in outpatient joint replacement recipients.
  • Higher overall patient satisfaction. Outpatient joint replacement recipients report being more satisfied with the care they’ve received.

Simply put, patients that qualify for same-day-discharge after THA have better surgical outcomes and recoveries. Studies show that outpatient patients have fewer blood transfusions, a lower rate of infections, and that patients recover faster at home.

The fact is, the aTHA is an atraumatic surgery that tends to require less pain medication than an arthroscopic surgery!  With contemporary anesthesia, therapy, and medical advances, most patients are able to walk around well without any IV pain requirements within 4 hours of the surgery.  Most of the work is just moving around-and we train you and your “Care Partner” how to navigate stairs and sit into a car BEFORE you have the surgery.

While more and more surgeons in the US are offering “ambulatory” joint replacements, Dr. Ferguson has been discharging patients on the day of surgery since 2013. She and her team have developed a finely tuned program to ensure the predictability, safety, and comfort associated with leaving the hospital on the day of surgery.

This is a team effort-and your anesthesia team, the nurses, NHI therapists, and the PATIENTS work together to make this all possible.  No detail has been left unconsidered.

Do I Qualify for FAST TRACK?

  • Body mass index < 35 (What’s my BMI?)
  • No significant medical conditions requiring monitoring, IV medications, or interventions
  • Ability to take anti-inflammatory medications
  • A designated “Care Partner”
  • Dedication to the NHI Pre-Hab training program
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