Nashville Sports Medicine Foundation, founded by world-renowned orthopedic hip surgeon, Dr. Thomas Byrd, is a non-profit organization established to encourage, support and nurture research and education directed at prevention, diagnosis and management of injuries and disease in the field of orthopedic medicine. The Foundation, located in Nashville, Tennessee, has made significant strides since being founded in 2005 in research and education in the fields of hip arthroscopy and sports medicine.

About Nashville Sports Medicine Foundation

Nashville Sports Medicine Foundation’s educational efforts effectively support programs that focus on clinical applications for physicians and allied health professionals, encouraging advancement in diagnostic and treatment modalities for orthopedic problems throughout the world. From Dr. Thomas Byrd’s various hip arthroscopy and radiographic studies, the Foundation’s research has helped pave the way for a number of significant improvements in hip diagnostic procedures and arthroscopic techniques. At this time, the Foundation has contributed to the educational efforts of national and international organizations on six continents.

The Foundation’s principal research data is pulled from a cohort of over 3,000 consecutive hip arthroscopy cases. This database has provided the groundwork for publication of two textbooks, 43 book chapters and 36 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, in addition to over 500 presentations at scientific meetings. Current research in joint restoration techniques and arthroscopic management of hip conditions is being conducted. The Foundation’s hope with further research is to improve the quality of care in patients who are undiagnosed and untreated.

To learn more about how Nashville Sports Medicine Foundation’s contributions are making a difference, or if you would like more information on how you can become a part of the international impact the Foundation is making in the world of orthopedics, please visit the website.

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