The Opioid crisis is real and avoidable.  Furthermore, opioid or “narcotic based” medications are responsible for the majority of post-operative complications requiring hospitalizations after hip replacement.

Working with world renowned anesthesiologists, Dr. Ferguson has developed a multimodal pain management program that relies on non-narcotic based medications after surgery.

Utilizing this protocol, most of Dr. Ferguson’s patients require no IV narcotic pain medications after surgery.  The IV narcotic medications are responsible for bowel obstruction, urinary retention, nausea…most of the complications that have traditionally required overnight care in the hospital setting.


  • Pre-operative “cocktail” taken the morning of surgery
  • Spinal anesthesia during surgery minimizes medication overload
  • Atraumatic surgical technique-no muscle damage = less pain!
  • Periarticular anesthetic block-numbs the surgical area for 48-72 hours after surgery
  • Post-operative medication = non-opioid based IV medications
  • Discharge medications obtained before surgery
  • The Game Ready cold compression device

The non-narcotic, multimodal pathway is a foundation of patients’ early mobilization and ability to get walking within hours of the operation.  It is the mainstay of our FAST TRACK program’s success!

This patient underwent bilateral, two-sided hip replacement surgery.  He is seen here walking, wearing bilateral Game Ready ice sleeves walking well shortly after surgery!  He used no IV pain medications and felt “sore” only.  He said, “I woke up, and my hip pain is just gone!”

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